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Sheepy Facts & Questions

Sheep Farming - At one time all sheep were wild. Around 10,000 BC sheep were domesticated by the humans.

Counting Sheep - Worldwide there are over 1,000 different breeds of sheep.

Lake District Herdwick Sheep - The word “Herdwyck”, meaning sheep pasture, is recorded in documents going back to the
12th century. These are the most hardy of all Britain’s breeds of hill sheep, grazing on Lake District fells that rise to over 3,000
feet. They have grey faces, with arched nose and white ears. Lambs are born with almost black wool which turns lighter as they grow older.

Herdwick Wool - Is waterproof, thick, strong and coarse. It is used to make rugs, throws, knitwear and carpets. More recently it has been developed as eco-friendly, and extremely effective, loft insulation.

Ewes Cheese - Sheep milk is used to make over 80 types of delicious cheese.

How Long Do Sheep Live? On average, 10 - 12 years.

Lambs Tails - Almost all lambs are born with tails. Farmers ‘dock’ them to stop poo from accumulating around the sheep’s bottom, which can result in fly strike (wool maggots)!

How Many Stomachs Do Sheep Have? Sheep are ruminants and have 4 different sections in their stomach, to help them digest their food. Sheep have a split in their upper lip so they can easily pick the preferred leaves off of the plant.

Chewing the Cud - What Do Sheep Eat? Sheep graze mainly on grass & clover. Farmers give them hay, silage and swedes in winter.

How Many Teeth? A one-year-old sheep is called a hogget and a two-year-old is called a two-tooth. Sheep grow only eight teeth, two per year. When a ewe is a two-tooth, she is ready to breed.

Natural Born Survivors! - In 1978 a sheep was found under snow that had been there for 50 days. The sheep’s warm breath had melted passages in the snow, so it could breathe. His warm wool protected him from freezing.

Can Sheep Swim? They can swim 'doggy-paddle' style when confronted with flooding or other water emergencies.

Big Sheep - The heaviest sheep was a ram called Stradford Whisper. In 1991 his weighed was 247 kg and he was a little over 1 metre high.

Ancient Games - The Ancient Greeks made sheep bones for dice.

Lamb of God
- Christians traditionally refer to Jesus as the “lamb of God”.

Miracle Lamb
- In 2004 a lamb was born with what looked like “Allah” (the Arabic word for God) written in Arabic on its back.

Spotted Sheep - Jacob sheep take their name from the Biblical story of Jacob who chose only spotted sheep for his flock. Look out for their descendants in fields around Cartmel.

Drawing & Sculpting Sheep - Many artists have drawn sheep and made sheep sculptures. Look at the websites below for ideas on making your own Arty Sheep!

Henry Moore - Sheep on Tour

Sheep Sculptures by Sally Matthews

Jean Luc Cornec - Telephone Sheep Sculptures!

Ronald Rae - Granite Sheep

Sheep in Art

Famous Sheep - Shaun the Sheep first appeared in the 1995 Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit film, A Close Shave.The film features no spoken dialogue, even from the humans. Shaun got his name from being shaved in the early film, because Shorn sounds like Shaun.

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Primary School Sheep

Primary School Sheep

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