In 2010 Ewegene & Friends Raised £11,000 for Bay Search & Rescue

In June and July 2010 thousands of visitors flocked to Cartmel to follow the Cartmel Sheepy Village! trail, culminating in a Grand Sheepy Auction at the Racecourse Grandstand on 17 July.

The auction alone raised £5,500 - Fourteen sheep were auctioned for an average of £170 each, along with numerous generous lots donated by local businesses. Lord Cavendish’s bid secured that their mascot sheep, Red Ram, would remain at Cartmel Racecourse. Cliff Dixon of CNJ media and Mandy Dixon, manager of the new look K - Village, bid for two sheep that will be used as BS&R collection boxes in Kendal’s shopping centres. The most sought after lot - a ride on the BS&R airboat - went for £280.

“Our aims have always been simple - to raise some funds for BS&R and have fun, whilst engaging with the many extraordinary people we have in our local community. The total raised is phenomenal as we only ever expected to see less than half that amount. The funds will go towards vital equipment and running costs for a charity that is run by local volunteers, committed to making the Bay a safer place. It is impossible to estimate the additional financial benefits for Cartmel businesses, but those involved have reported on improved takings during the six week event, which is just fantastic.” Sandy Kitching, Sheepy PR liaison & website designer.

The project has been managed by four local friends, who have donated all their time and professional services for no fees: Helen and Alastair Bramwell, Bramwell International; Richard English, The Cavendish Arms; and Sandy Kitching, Early Bird Design Associates. Mike Davis from Northern Print Distribution has been the enthusiastic and unflappable liaison with the charity, who works as a Bay Search & Rescue team operative

Apart from receiving an essential grant of £1,000 from the Hadfield Trust, the 2010 Cartmel Sheepy Village! project went ahead without any government grants or public funding.


Project Organisers

(voluntary & unpaid)

Richard English, Cavendish Arms

Alastair Bramwell, Bramwell International

Helen Bramwell, Cumbria Medical Training

Sandy Kitching, Early Bird Design Associates

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Sandy Kitching

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